MarkLogic University Learning Assessments

Welcome, - learning assessment tests enable you to:

  • Validate achievement of the learning objectives in your MarkLogic University training courses.
  • Show the world what you know - pass an assessment and add your achievement to your LinkedIn profile!
  • Determine if your MarkLogic experience is deep enough to skip a pre-requisite course in your learning track.


  • Learning Assessments are designed to be closed book tests. Accessing a self-paced training course during the Learning Assessment exam will result in the exam ending.

Learning AssessmentsTarget Role(s)
What's New in MarkLogic 9Developer, Administrator
MarkLogic FundamentalsDeveloper, Administrator
Developing MarkLogic Applications I - XQueryDeveloper
Developing MarkLogic Applications I - Node.jsDeveloper
Developing MarkLogic Applications I - JavaDeveloper
MarkLogic Data IntegrationDeveloper
MarkLogic AdministrationAdministrator
Using MarkLogic SemanticsDeveloper
Developing MarkLogic Applications II - XQueryDeveloper