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Developing MarkLogic Apps I - XQuery Self-Paced Training

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The hands-on Developing MarkLogic Applications I - XQuery course is designed for developers who have attended the MarkLogic Fundamentals course and desire to build applications using MarkLogic Server and the XQuery programming language. Familiarity with basic programming concepts and database technology is beneficial. Participants should have hands-on experience with some programming languages (for example Java, Node.js, C++) and some web development technologies (for example PHP, ASP, JSP, Perl, HTML, JavaScript).

8 hours and 23 minutes of course videos. Additional lab time may be required as needed.

System Requirements:
In order to complete the hands-on exercises in this course you will need a 64-bit computer that has 2 GB or more of RAM, 2 GB or more of free disk space, Internet access, Acrobat Reader (or equivalent, for viewing PDF files), and file unzip capability.

  • Developers

  • Completion of the MarkLogic Fundamentals training course
  • Successful completion of the MarkLogic Fundamentals Learning Assessment
  • Familiarity with databases
  • Familiarity with programming languages
  • Familiarity with web applications


By taking this course, you expressly agree to the MarkLogic Training Terms and Conditions