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Course NameTarget Role(s)
MarkLogic AdministrationAdministrators, Solution Architects
MarkLogic Data IntegrationDevelopers, Data Architects
MarkLogic for Business UsersBusiness user, Non-technical
MarkLogic Fundamentals (Archive, MarkLogic 9 / MarkLogic 8)Administrators, Developers
MarkLogic Fundamentals (Current, MarkLogic 10)Administrators, Developers
MarkLogic SecurityDeveloper, Administrator, Data Architect
MarkLogicの基礎管理者, 開発者
MarkLogic管理者トレーニング(独習)管理者, ソリューションアーキテクト, 開発者
Using MarkLogic SemanticsDevelopers
What's New in MarkLogic 9Developers, Administrators

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