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This course is designed to help the experienced MarkLogic technician learn how to use new features in the MarkLogic 9 release. You will learn about new security features including redaction, element-level security, and encryption. You will explore data integration features including template driven extraction, entity services, the Optic API, and the Data Movement SDK. You will explore manageability features including rolling upgrades and query based tiered storage. And finally you will explore a host of other new features including enhancements to geospatial search and query console. If you are new to MarkLogic technology, you should begin by taking the MarkLogic Fundamentals course and then work your way through the appropriate learning track before taking this course.


3 hour(s) and 2 minute(s) of course videos. Additional lab time may be required as needed.

System Requirements:

In order to complete the hands-on exercises in this course you will need a machine running MarkLogic 9. You can download and install MarkLogic 9 from http://developer.marklogic.com. All other necessary files will be made available to you during the course through the MarkLogic University Github site.

  • Developers
  • Administrators

  • Required: Experience with MarkLogic technology.
  • Recommended: Completion of the appropriate MarkLogic University Learning Track for your role and passing of the respective Learning Assessment exams.


By taking this course, you expressly agree to the MarkLogic Training Terms and Conditions