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This hands-on developer course takes you through the world of semantics, learning what triples are and where they come from, how to load triples into MarkLogic, how to turn on the triple index, how to write SPARQL expressions for querying semantic data, how you can use triples in applications, how to write path expressions for traversing a semantic graph, as well as what inferencing is and how you can use it.


7 hour(s) and 58 minute(s) of course videos. Additional lab time may be required as needed.

System Requirements:

In order to complete the hands-on exercises in this course we provide you with a virtual machine to download. To run the virtual machine, you will need a 64-bit computer that has 4 GB or more of RAM, 20 GB or more of free disk space, Internet access, VirtualBox (free to download), Acrobat Reader (or equivalent, for viewing PDF files), and the ability to unzip files. Video tutorials are provided to guide you through setting up the VM.

  • Developers

  • Required: Completion of the MarkLogic Fundamentals training course
  • Required: Successful completion of the MarkLogic Fundamentals Learning Assessment (
  • Recommended: Completion of a MarkLogic Developer I course (XQuery, Node.js, or Java)
  • Recommended: Successful completion of a MarkLogic Developer I Learning Assessment (


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